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11119716_387784124756871_4825459298934099818_nGet Sport Media supports Give it Back Foundation mission and social aims

 Volleyball, Sports, Media: the perfect mix to help people and to inspire young athletes to “Lead, Play, and Compete” on the court and in life. Get Sport Media a new international brand in world of Communication and Social Network is going to be the Official Media Partner of the inaugural Give It Back Foundation Camp taking place at Kentwood High School, Washington at the beginning of August.

“Give It Back Foundation” was founded in 2015 by USA Women’s National Volleyball team members who share the mission of leading the next generation of athletes toward healthy competition and generosity. Get Sport Media, the most rising brand in the world of social network communication in Volleyball was born with the real aim to develop, ensure and spread at the best level the image of sports and volleyball players, starting from their real value of their performances and achievements to reach all areas of social life.

 Cristina Gatti, Get Sport Media Founder & CEO, is ready to support the interesting social challenge of some of the most important international volleyball players. “We are really proud to support the incredible effort by Give It Back Foundation and the social aims of some of the most representative members of USA Women’s National Volleyball team. We report life and performances of Sports Athletes day after day, photo by photo, through social networks, press releases and websites, not only in the court, and for this reason we decided to begin an important partnership with GIBF helping to transfer to young talents the real values of Sports. GSM is going to be the Official Media Partner of the inaugural Give It Back Foundation Camp reporting with photos, videos and social networks flashes”.

 Christa Harmotto-Dietzen, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2014 FIVB World Champion, current Captain of Team USA, explains the important partnership: “When the Give It Back Foundation came to fruition, the first “media outlet” I thought about sharing with was Cristina and her Get Sport Media. Cristina has a passion and excitement for the sport of Volleyball and a keen eye for capturing the sport through photography. I remember meeting Cristina back at the 2013 World Grand Prix in Serbia as she was painting a story with her photographs for the tournament. Cristina is a dear friend and will bring our camp in August to life with her photography for all those following from afar”.

Tama Miyashiro, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and NCAA National Champion, University of Washington’s All-Time Digs Leader, underlines: “We are excited to work with Cristina and Get Sport Media. Her support towards Give It Back Foundation has been there since the beginning. Her ability to capture moments from our volleyball careers will be a great addition to our foundation. We look forward to working with Cristina”.

Also Courtney Thompson, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist, 2014 FIVB World Champion, NCAA National Champion, University of Washington Alumni and Kent Native, is waiting for GSM Media support:“I’ve always loved the way Cristina captures the essence of our sport. Looking forward to the impact we can have to together through the Give It Back Foundation”.

Foluke Akinradewo, 2012 Olympic Silver Medalist and 2014 FIVB World Champion says: “We’re very blessed to be officially partnered with Get Sport Media and their team of photographers. They have a superb ability to capture the special moments and we couldn’t be more excited” The appointment is for August, 1st for the inaugural Give It Back Foundation Camp at Kentwood High School, Washington, but also on the world of social networks thanks to Get Sport Media.

Give It Bak Foundation supports Children’s Therapy Center (

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