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Can-Arg_007The captain of Argentina national team, Yas Nizetich, talked with us in this interview about Wgp and #FIVBWomensWCH. Check it out.

Hello Yas, a little comment about WGP..

About Grand Prix, has been progressive for Argentina, we finished at home, playing really good. Our goal was get better every weekend so… I’m so happy! Because we did it!

Argentina played WGP at home. How was the atmosphere?

Amazing!!!!!! Too many people came to support us, also Tv broadcasting, nobody saw this atmosphere before…. It was a record in Argentina so you can imagine how we enjoyed that moment.

Are you satisfied about Argentina’s preparation for Italy 2014?

Yes I’m satisfied about our preparation. I think we arrived to work good and hard, always focused in World Championship… So I hope we can play how we want…

Which are Argentina’s strong point?

I think that we have a good service and we are fighting for don’t make mistakes in easy balls, but the most strong point for us is the TEAM, is a good team, always working together and trying to help each other…. And for me is so important have this teammates around me.

What about your pool in Italy2014? It’s difficult..

We will play match by match, step by step, in a World Championship you don’t have easy teams. So we must play as we can do..

Bel-Arg_498What does it mean to be a captain?

Being the captain is a honor for me, is the result of all sacrifice and work I did before. I just take it as a motivation for getting better every day…. I enjoy it so much!

What is you goal for Italy2014? Personal and for the team..

Our goal for the Championship is to pass the first round, trying to play good. Do our job every match. Get better day by day. And about personal, I just wanna help the team doing my work in the best way and be ready for the team in both complicated and good situations.. And of course, I would enjoy every second of this World Championship because we don’t have the chance to play every day a tournament with this characteristics.

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